Nokia launches blockchain-based data market, Nokia Data Marketplace

Nokia recently announced the launch of the Nokia Data Marketplace – the company’s enterprise-level blockchain-based data market infrastructure service designed to provide real-time access to a large number of trusted data sets, help companies, and communications service providers use data in strategic decisions.

Nokia 5.2

“Nokia” by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine is licensed under CC0 1.0

Friedrich Trawoeger, Vice President, Cloud and Cognitive Services at Nokia, said: Our customers need secure and trusted access to data for effective business decision making. With Nokia Data Marketplace, enterprises and CSPs can now benefit from richer insights and predictive models to drive digital ways of working and tap into new revenue streams.”

Nokia Data Marketplace complements Nokia Worldwide IoT Network Grid, providing global Internet of Things connectivity and vertical applications. Nokia pointed out that the Nokia data market can achieve a wide range of vertical use cases, including electric vehicle charging, environmental data monetization, supply-chain automation, and preventative maintenance powering numerous vertical segments, including transportation, ports, energy, smart cities, and healthcare.

Via: Yahoo Finance