Microsoft will not release Windows 10X in 2021

It is reported that Microsoft has temporarily suspended the development of the Windows 10X system. If anyone does not know what Windows 10X is, it was originally developed by Microsoft for dual-screen or folding screen devices, a lightweight and modular Windows system optimized for touch, but later Microsoft repositioned it and prepared to Windows 10X is built to fight against Chrome OS. It was originally reported that Windows 10X will be launched this spring, but now Windows 10X has not released.

Petri reported that a person familiar with the matter revealed that Microsoft will not launch Windows 10X at least this year. They are currently shifting resources to Windows 10. The plan for Windows 10X is currently on hold, and the future is still unknown. Specifically, Microsoft should now focus on the Windows 10 Sun Valley update.

Windows 10X modern standby function

In the screenshots of Windows 10X exposed earlier, the UI interface of the operating system is very simple and looks a bit like Chrome OS and MacOS. For example, in Windows 10X, the Start menu will not pop up from the lower-left corner as in normal Windows. The Start menu is only displayed as a monochrome icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. After clicking, it will slide up to display a collection interface of applications, which is very similar to the interface seen on a Chromebook. In general, Windows 10X is a lightweight and optimized Windows 10 system that allows users to experience faster and more convenient operations.