Noctua’s next-generation NH-D15 CPU cooler pictures

Those who have been meticulously monitoring the regularly updated product roadmap of the Austrian heatsink manufacturer Noctua would be well aware of the recurring delays plaguing the next generation NH-D15 CPU cooler, now postponed to at least the second quarter of 2024. Some opine that the NH-D15 itself already excels in its function, and given the significant price drop of water coolers in recent years, coupled with their inherent performance advantages and cost-effectiveness, the NH-D15 may ultimately meet the same fate as the white edition cooling fan.

TechPowerup has reportedly obtained the inaugural batch of real-life images of the next-generation NH-D15 air cooler. It seems plausible that Noctua will indeed unveil a comprehensively improved new product in 2024, persisting in their challenge to the limits of air cooling.

The upcoming NH-D15 air cooler boasts two colossal fin modules. The optimized design poses no obstruction to the components surrounding the CPU socket, including memory, power supply, SSD heatsinks, and I/O shields. The images depict denser fins, with the gaps between them reduced to 1.6mm (formerly 1.9mm), implying an approximately 20% increase in surface area. The CPU contact remains a nickel-plated copper base, paired with eight 6mm heat pipes, marking a rise from the previous generation’s six.

Accompanying the cooler is a new model of a 140mm fan, outperforming existing products in terms of efficiency and noise level. The next-generation NH-D15 CPU cooler employs the SecuFirm 2+ mounting bracket, featuring spring-loaded screws to alleviate potential motherboard PCB bending due to excessive installation pressure. Noctua also includes NT-H2 thermal compound and NA-TPG1 protection plates.

For enthusiasts of air coolers, approximately a year’s wait is anticipated before this product becomes accessible, providing Noctua refrains from further postponements.