Noctua Introduces NA-FH1 Fan Hub

Austrian radiator manufacturer Noctua recently updated its product roadmap for the remainder of 2023, also offering plans for early 2024 and subsequent product updates. Within the second quarter of 2023, Noctua is set to launch two products: an eight-port PWM fan hub and a 24V-to-12V voltage converter. Noctua announced that its 8-channel PWM fan hub has been released, designated as NA-FH1.

Noctua claims the NA-FH1 is a high-quality, intelligently protected eight-port PWM fan hub capable of simultaneously operating and controlling up to eight PWM fans via a single motherboard fan header or an independent controller, such as the optional NA-FC1. Accommodating 12V and 5V cooling fans, the versatile hub features both 4-pin PWM and 3-pin connectors, making it suitable for PC environments as well as other 12V or 5V applications.

Noctua’s CEO, Roland Mossig, stated, “While the market is not devoid of fan hubs, we found that the majority of hubs lacked in functionality and safety, such as unreliable PWM control and RPM readings, and most devices were devoid of overcurrent or short circuit protection, rendering them potentially hazardous when powered via SATA power connectors. This is where the NA-FH1 comes in: a safe, reliable, high-quality device that can power and control up to eight fans.”

The NA-FH1 can be powered via a SATA power connector (for 12V fans, up to 54W) or a 4-pin PWM connector (for 5/12V fans, up to 24W). Both connectors can be used simultaneously, with the SATA power connector responsible for receiving power and the 4-pin PWM connector for reading RPM and PWM signals. Equipped with status LED indicators for monitoring and magnetic clips for easy installation on PC cases or other steel surfaces, the NA-FH1 has passed CE, UKCA, and UL certifications, fully complying with all applicable safety standards.

The suggested retail price for the NA-FH1 fan hub is $34.9, and Noctua offers a six-year warranty.