Nintendo Switch 2 console is rumored to be released on September 24 next year

Since its debut, the Nintendo Switch has consistently enjoyed robust sales and garnered immense affection from gamers. Yet, as time marches on, whispers of its successor grow increasingly louder. Recent murmurs hint at an impending unveiling of the Nintendo Switch 2, suggesting that the next-generation console from Nintendo is drawing ever closer to its audience.

According to reports from Wccftech, there’s a prevailing rumor indicating the Nintendo Switch 2’s release might be slated for September 24, 2024. However, this could be pushed back to November, as Nintendo has reserved a “placeholder” during this timeframe, perhaps hedging their bets. It’s speculated that there might be two iterations of this new console: a digital-only version priced around $400 and a standard variant equipped with a cartridge slot, priced at an estimated $449.

Nintendo Switch successor

While the veracity of this information remains to be confirmed, other sources suggest the release date for the Nintendo Switch 2 isn’t far from these predictions. It’s understood that Nintendo plans to roll out an extensive marketing campaign between June and August of 2024, possibly in anticipation of the new console’s launch.

Earlier reports have stated that Nintendo has settled on the SoC for the Nintendo Switch 2: a custom-designed T239 by NVIDIA. The CPU is expected to feature eight Cortex-A78 cores, while the GPU might boast 1,280 CUDA cores. Not only is ray tracing expected to be supported, but the potential inclusion of DLSS technology could enhance frame rates. Moreover, the T239 might employ Samsung’s refined 7LPH process, an advancement on the existing 8nm procedure.