New Zealand Central Bank system was hacked by anonymous hackers

The Central Bank of New Zealand recently issued an emergency security announcement stating that a certain data system of the bank has been hacked by anonymous hackers and some sensitive information may have been leaked.

At present, after a preliminary investigation, the security agency has not attributed the hacking to any known hacker groups, and the security agency may need more time to investigate.

The Central Bank of New Zealand claims that its file service for sharing and storing sensitive information has been illegally accessed, which means that hackers have obtained part of the bank’s sensitive information.

The bank declined to disclose more information about the attack, so it is not clear how the hackers launched the attack, let alone disclose the content of sensitive information.

Although the Central Bank of New Zealand refused to disclose the information, from the announcement, there should be vulnerabilities in the data system. Hackers gradually penetrated into the system through security vulnerabilities.

The bank stated in a press release that the security issues of the relevant system have been brought under control and that the system has been protected before completing the investigation.

At the same time, the president said that the core functions of the bank are still sound and functioning normally, and are currently working closely with domestic and foreign security experts and other departments to conduct investigations.

The nature and scope of potentially accessed information are still being determined, but its president revealed that this information contains some sensitive information at the commercial and personal levels.

Professor of Computing Science at the University of Auckland in New Zealand said that the culprit of the New Zealand Central Bank data breach may be a state-backed hacker organization.

Because the hacker group responsible for this attack did not contact New Zealand officials to ask for a ransom, and of course the hacker group will not launch a cyber attack for no reason.

The professor said that if hackers do not contact to ask for a ransom, it means that hackers do not lack money at all, and hacker groups that do not lack money are basically supported by the state.

Via: nbcnews