New US regulations will prevent US companies from storing personal data in Russia and China

Recently, US Senator Josh Hawley proposed the National Security and Personal Data Protection Act of 2019, which will require high-tech companies to collect only the user data needed for their operations, and must never transmit data to the countries concerned. The bill specifically lists China and Russia and other countries that may threaten US security as a country of special concern.

ban Huawei equipment

Under the law, technology companies that collect data necessary to operate a website, service, or application may not use this data for any other secondary purpose, including targeted advertising, unnecessary sharing with third parties, and so on.

The company will also be required to provide any user with information about the users they collect and permanently delete any user data that the company collects directly or indirectly from the individual.

The Act also prohibits companies from transmitting user data or any information (including encryption keys) that can be used to decrypt the data to their so-called special attention countries and prohibits the storage of user data outside the United States. Hawley said the legislation will effectively help the United States to prevent sensitive data from its citizens from falling into the hands of “hostile foreign governments.”

Via: Engadget