New PS5’s radiator, Has the heat dissipation become better?

Not long ago, everyone suddenly discovered that Play Station 5 has quietly launched a new version with minor changes, and the weight has actually become a little lighter. After dismantling the YouTuber who got the new PS5 version, it was discovered that the lighter weight actually came from the shrinkage of the radiator. However, follow-up tests have verified that the actual performance of the new version of the machine is the same as the original one. What’s more interesting is that the recent new test pointed out that, in fact, the SoC of the new PS5 version has better heat dissipation.

The YouTuber who disassembled the new PS5 before saw that the radiator became smaller, and felt that the heat dissipation of the new machine would become worse in theory, but now another video master, HardwareBusters, has come to a different conclusion through actual testing. He posted multiple temperature probes inside and outside the two PS5s of the old and new versions, including monitoring the internal SoC, video memory, and power supply module, as well as the temperature of the shell and the temperature of the air outlet. Although the radiator of the new PS5 version has become smaller, the SoC part is 10 degrees Celsius lower than the old version under the same game test…

However, in the video memory and power supply module part, the new PS5 version is even hotter, the video memory is 8 degrees Celsius higher, the power supply module is also slightly hotter, and the final air outlet temperature. The new PS5 version is also higher overall, with an average of 41.11 degrees Celsius, while the old version is 39.85 degrees Celsius, which is not much different. HardwareBusters said that he will also add probes to other parts of the PS5 to test and find out if there are more changes.