New Nintendo Switch system upgrade version supports for connecting Bluetooth headsets

Before today, the Nintendo Switch game console had a very weird setting, and its Bluetooth function could not support wireless Bluetooth headsets. Players can only use “advanced” 3.5mm hole wired headsets. Especially now that Bluetooth wireless headsets are quite popular, the problem with Switch is even worse. Just more than 4 years after the Switch was on the market, when everyone was almost desperate, Nintendo suddenly added Bluetooth audio device support to the Switch through a software update.

Chrome support Nintendo Switch

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo recently stated that after the Switch is upgraded to the latest version of 13.0.0 system software, there will be an additional Bluetooth audio option in the settings. Here you can pair with the player’s own Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker, but this function is still somewhat limited. Then only two pairs of controllers can be connected, and the Bluetooth headset will be disconnected during local multiplayer game communication. In addition, Nintendo also stated that the Bluetooth microphone cannot be used. If you want to talk to other players over the Internet, you can use their mobile app to do so, so if you encounter the above problems, it may not be that the Bluetooth headset is broken, because Nintendo’s settings are like this.