Microsoft cloud gaming and streaming services officially landed on Windows

Microsoft announced that their cloud gaming service xCloud, which is the Xbox Cloud Gaming application, and the Xbox Remote Play application for remote streaming games, are already available in the Xbox application on Windows 10 and 11.

In fact, Xbox Cloud Gaming has been available through the browser a few months ago, but last month, as part of Xbox Insiders, these two functions appeared on the PC application in the form of a BETA version.
With these two applications, players can choose whether they want to run the game they want to play on their own host or on Microsoft’s server, and where to play. This is very suitable for computers that do not have enough horsepower to play games, especially tablets or thin and light notebooks. Players only need to have a computer and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and then connect the handle via Bluetooth or USB to play the games they want.

It’s worth noting that although the Xbox Cloud Gaming app on Windows 10 and 11 is no longer a test feature unique to Xbox Insiders, Microsoft still marks it as the BETA version. Therefore, players may still encounter some minor problems when using.

As for Remote Play, it is more useful for players who already have Xbox consoles, because its function is to allow players to stream game screens from Xbox to Windows 10 or 11 computers. Microsoft said that Remote Play can be used via LAN or the Internet. Of course, the LAN experience will be the best. If Xbox players want to try the 1080P@60fps streaming game service, then Remote Play is indeed a good choice.