New Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told that the company must be a leader in any field involved

Due to serious problems in the company’s operations and technology research and development, Intel dismissed CEO Bob Swan and hired Pat Gelsinger to return as CEO.

It is not a good thing to come back when the company is at a disadvantage. It is almost the same as Apple’s return of Jobs back then. Therefore, the expectations of shareholders fall on the shoulders of the new CEO Pat Gelsinger, which is a very heavy burden.

Pat Gelsinger also recently sent an internal note to all employees. The note mentioned his confidence in Intel and his future outlook. He believed that Intel could become the world’s leading semiconductor company.

“Intel E5200 #1” by lungstruck is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Pat Gelsinger gave four instructions. The first and most important one is that Intel needs to “be the leader in every category in which we compete“. This is a huge goal because AMD’s Ryzen series has turned it over. The AMD 7nm process is far beyond the 10nm Intel’s current livelihood. In addition, Qualcomm, which has been mixing in the mobile market, has also entered the PC market. The ARM architecture can provide a laptop with long battery life, low-cost integrated cellular data, and a fanless design.

Apple also relied on the ARM architecture to launch a powerful M1 chip and announced that it would completely abandon the use of Intel processors in the future. The competition between these three companies is not an easy task for Intel.

The second instruction is “Execute flawlessly to our commitments.” This point refers to the complete implementation of the technical goals because, in the past few years, Intel’s backwardness is due to the inability to implement the process goals as scheduled, and repeated delays.

The third instruction is “Passionately innovate with boldness and speed.” This may imply that he will not be as afraid of revenue risks as the former CEO of financial background, but will boldly invest and quickly commercialize innovative technologies.

The fourth instruction is to “Reignite our culture to attract and motivate the best engineers and technologists on the planet.” Indeed, talent is a necessary condition for Intel to achieve its goals.

Pat Gelsinger said that he “knows Intel’s best days are in front of us”, but to achieve its goals, it must take a long road.