Netflix cracks down on password sharing

The world-renowned streaming video website Netflix has more than 209 million subscribers, but Netflix’s investment in content creation is also very high.

In addition, Netflix also needs to consider the stock price and the interests of investors, so it is always right to find ways to make more money: for example, cracking down on users’ password-sharing behavior.

Password sharing behavior is very common in various websites and services, and it is a very common operation to crack down on password sharing behavior in the streaming video industry.

Netflix has cracked down on password-sharing behaviors many times. In essence, Netflix does not dare to block all sharing behaviors directly because many users will give up their subscriptions.

Image: DOP3Sweet

After all, it is impossible for most users to watch Netflix videos continuously, so it is a good idea for users to share the account and share the subscription fee.

However, for Netflix, this will reduce the number of subscribers and affect actual revenue. Netflix has previously announced that data password sharing has caused its annual loss of $9 billion.

So although Netflix investors often ask the site to strengthen security measures to combat password sharing, Netflix tries to find a balance rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Otherwise, it may cause a sharp drop in Netflix’s subscriptions after causing backlash. After all, there are too many large players in the streaming video industry.

Recently, Italian users are complaining on Twitter that Netflix restricts their login. When it detects that the user’s login address is abnormal, Netflix sends a security code to ask the user to verify it.

If the user confirms that this is his own account, he can use the SMS verification code or the email verification code for verification. After verification, the user can log in again to watch the video.

Of course, other users who use this account must perform the same operation every time they log in. Netflix hopes to urge users to open a subscription account in this way.

It is not yet clear whether Netflix will launch a crackdown on password sharing in areas outside of Italy, but it is estimated that Netflix will not do so in consideration of market competition.

Via: BRG