Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

NetBSD 8.2 releases, open source UNIX operating system

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The NetBSD Project is an international collaborative effort of a large group of people, to produce a freely available and redistributable UNIX-like operating system, NetBSD. In addition to our own work, it contains a variety of other free software, including 4.4BSD Lite2 from the University of California, Berkeley.

One of the primary focuses of the NetBSD project has been to make the base OS highly portable. This has resulted in NetBSD being ported to a large number of hardware platforms. It is also interoperable, implementing many standard APIs and network protocols, and emulating many other systems’ ABIs.

It is distributed in three forms: formal releasesmaintenance branches, and NetBSD-current. Formal releases are done periodically and include well-tested binaries, source code, and installation tools. Maintenance branches usually provide bug and security fixes and minor enhancements. NetBSD-current is a nightly distribution of the latest development sources, meant for people who want the absolute latest software, and don’t mind an occasional bug.

It is largely supported by users, via Usenet newsgroups, mailing lists, and direct contributions. If you’re having a problem, it’s likely that someone will have seen it before and will be able to help you.

Changelog v8.2

Some highlights include:

  • x86: fixed regression in booting old CPUs
  • x86: Hyper-V Gen.2 VM framebuffer support
  • httpd(8): fixed various security issues
  • ixg(4): various fixes / improvements
  • x86 efiboot: add tftp support, fix issues on machines with many memory segments, improve graphics mode logic to work on more machines.
  • Various kernel memory info leaks fixes
  • Update expat to 2.2.8
  • Fix ryzen USB issues and support xHCI version 3.10.
  • Accept root device specification as NAME=label.
  • Add multiboot 2 support to x86 bootloaders.
  • Fix for CVE-2019-9506: ‘Key Negotiation of Bluetooth’ attack.
  • nouveau: limit the supported devices and fix firmware loading.
  • radeon: fix loading of the TAHITI VCE firmware.
  • named(8): stop using obsolete dnssec-lookaside.