September 27, 2020

Microsoft Edge browser market share exceeds Firefox

1 min read

NetMarketShare released the latest data for March 2020, including the market share of various browsers and operating systems.

The biggest highlight in March was that Microsoft Edge browser ’s market share (7.59%) surpassed Firefox (7.19%) for the first time, and currently ranks second with a 0.4% advantage.

In the last month, the market shares of Edge and Firefox have been quite close. From the monthly data, in fact, since Microsoft Edge was officially launched in January this year, Firefox’s decline has been greater than Edge’s increase.

This week, Microsoft announced the resumption of Edge’s version update. It is expected that the stable version of Edge 81 will be seen next week. New features have been planned for the coming year, and Edge will also bring new features such as vertical tags and smart copy.

Under Edge’s development momentum, Internet Explorer’s market share has declined. In March, it fell out of the 6% level, and currently only has a market share of 5.87%.

The market share of Chrome, which still ranks first, rebounded slightly, from 67.27% to 68.50%.

The market share of operating systems is less volatile. Since Windows 7 was decommissioned in January this year, its market share has been declining month by month.

In addition, Windows 8.1 still maintains an upward trend. Since surpassing Mac OS X in December last year, it has risen from 3.31% to 3.69%. As for Mac OS X, the market share is still declining, and the current market share ranks at the bottom of several mainstream systems, at 2.62%.