MSI launches VIGOR GK41 series of mechanical keyboards

MSI has unveiled the VIGOR GK41 series of mechanical keyboards, meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse control preferences of gamers and to elevate their immersive gaming experiences.

The VIGOR GK41 mechanical keyboard is endowed with linear feedback, featuring precise and sensitive Kaihua Red switches, bestowing gamers who seek impeccable keystrokes with an exceptional response rate. It further boasts a 100% anti-ghosting design. The keyboard illuminates ten distinctive lighting zones and six fixed LED lights, cultivating a deeply atmospheric gaming ambiance. Through the MSI Center software, gamers can tailor their macro key configurations and lighting effects, flexibly orchestrating combinations for seamless control over media settings. It provides the luxury to store up to three custom configurations. The keyboard adopts a dual-tier adjustable stand design, offering three distinct angles — 0°, 3°, and 7°, ensuring an ergonomically comfortable user experience.

The VIGOR GK41 DUSK, a refined iteration of the VIGOR GK41, elevates gaming aesthetics to new zeniths. It retains the same Kaihua Red switches as its predecessor and introduces per-key RGB lighting complemented by a stylish side RGB light strip, transforming the peripheral into a captivating visual spectacle. The VIGOR GK41 DUSK’s distinctive design includes bespoke black, gray, and red keycaps, accompanied by an additional set for personalized customization. This model too embraces the dual-tier adjustable stand design, providing a trio of ergonomic angles. With the MSI Center software, players can indulge in vibrant RGB lighting effects and tailor-made macro configurations.

The pricing and specific release date for the VIGOR GK41 series of mechanical keyboards remain enigmatic for the time being.