Apple will bring M3 version of 24-inch iMac next year

The preceding generation of Apple’s iMac Pro, launched in 2017, was equipped with Intel’s Xeon processors. With the discontinuation of the 27-inch Retina display iMac Pro and Apple’s Mac product line transitioning to its proprietary M-series chips, there have been murmurs suggesting that the forthcoming iMac Pro will feature a 32-inch mini-LED display as Apple’s signature “All in One” workstation.

The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo posits that Apple isn’t in haste to unveil the new iMac Pro, suggesting that its development is still nascent and its debut might be deferred until 2025. The rationale for such deliberation is palpable. Apple has scaled back numerous orders due to the ongoing tepid demand for iPad and Mac products. The projection for 2024 doesn’t seem to herald a significant uptick. Thus, the abrupt launch of a premium product like the iMac Pro might not yield favorable sales results.

Beyond the anticipated 32-inch iMac Pro, Apple is advancing its efforts on updating the 24-inch iMac, having laid substantial groundwork for this evolution. It’s anticipated that next year will witness a variant featuring the M3 chip. Past speculations had alluded to Apple’s intention to roll out a 24-inch iMac endowed with M2 and M2 Pro chips. However, given the current scenario, it appears the 24-inch iMac will bypass the entire M2 series.

The M3 chip, fabricated using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) 3nm process, is geared to offer augmented computational and graphical prowess. Theoretically, the chip’s energy consumption should be more frugal, a prospect that would be invaluable for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. Being a seasoned all-in-one, the 24-inch iMac won’t be as stringently power-constrained as its laptop counterparts, thus permitting a more pronounced performance elevation.