Cherry releases KW 7100 MINI BT and KW 3000 keyboards

The German manufacturer Cherry has announced the release of the KW 7100 MINI BT and KW 3000 keyboards, offering fresh alternatives for professionals. Cherry asserts that the KW 7100 MINI BT is the quintessential compact companion for mobile office tasks, while the KW 3000 falls under user-friendly wireless products.

The KW 7100 MINI BT boasts a minimalist design, with dimensions of 11.60 x 5.10 x 0.60 inches, characterized by its space-saving and compact structure. Moreover, its portability is enhanced with three elegant color choices: slate blue, agave green, and cherry blossom. It features the CHERRY SX scissor mechanism that complies with ergonomic standards. The energy-efficient Bluetooth 5.1 can be paired with up to three devices, allowing users to switch between devices using the F1-F3 keys seamlessly. A blue LED indicates the active connection, further augmented by AES-128 encryption capabilities. Each key promises a lifespan of over 10 million keystrokes, with high-quality UV-coated key inscriptions ensuring durability, all powered by two AAA batteries.

The KW 3000, having adopted a full-size layout, comes equipped with a numeric keypad. It connects wirelessly via a 2.4GHz receiver through a USB interface, covering a range of 32 inches, offering plug-and-play functionality and ensuring stable connectivity. Beyond the F1-F12 keys, Cherry has integrated four hotkeys for swift access to the calculator, email, browser, and sleep mode. Through the CHERRY KEYS software, users can customize their preferred functionalities to any key. This keyboard promises rapid, precise, and silent typing, with reliability backed by over 10 million keystrokes, making it a dependable computer accessory.

Both the KW 7100 MINI BT and KW 3000 keyboards are now available on Amazon, priced at $59.99 and $24.99 respectively.