MSI Launched MAG CORELIQUID M AIO Liquid Coolers

Recently, MSI launched a new MAG CORELIQUID M series integrated water-cooled radiator, which belongs to the Mortar series product line. Two specifications of 240mm and 360mm are provided.

The MAG CORELIQUID M series integrated water-cooled radiator adopts a slightly convex copper bottom design so that it can better fit the CPU and improve thermal conductivity; with the high-durability three-phase shock-absorbing motor, the water pump can maintain stable operation for a long time; support ARGB synchronization, users can use MSI CENTER to monitor, and at the same time link with other ARGB devices to create personalized lighting effects. It fully supports new platforms from Intel and AMD, including LGA 115x/1200/1700/20xx and AM5/AM4/TR4.

MSI has equipped this all-in-one water-cooled radiator with a high-performance fan, using FDB bearings, and the fan blades are made of acrylic material, which supports PWM temperature control and speed regulation, which helps to reduce noise and vibration. Its overall size is 120mm x 120mm x 25mm, the rotation speed is between 600~2200±10% RPM, the maximum air volume is 94.65 CFM, the maximum air pressure is 3.68 mmH2O, and the maximum noise is 37.6 dB(A).

At present, MAG CORELIQUID M series integrated water-cooled radiators provide two specifications of 240mm and 360mm, and both of them have landed on the e-commerce platform. The company’s starting price for the new radiator is 569 yuan ($79.31).