MSI Arc A310 4 GB Low Profile 2X appeared

Last year, Intel unobtrusively launched the Arc A310, arguably the weakest-performing GPU among those employing a new architecture, designed to supplant the previous Iris Xe Max (DG1). Certain manufacturers have introduced products based on the Arc A310, although the models and quantities are somewhat limited; for instance, the recent announcement from Sparkle confirms their intention to launch a single-slot, low-profile entry-level graphics card under the GENIE series.

MSI Arc A310 4 GB Low Profile 2X

In recent times, a new graphics card, subtly named “MSI Arc A310 4 GB Low Profile 2X,” has quietly emerged from MSI. Currently, it is available for purchase from several PC hardware retailers in Russia, with local enthusiasts even crafting swift unboxing videos. Earlier, Gigabyte had introduced several Arc A310/A380 graphics cards exclusively for the Russian market; it remains uncertain if this MSI offering shares the same exclusivity.

The outward appearance of this graphics card is rather understated; the cooler sports a charcoal-black exterior, and the card conforms to a single-slot, low-profile specification. Two diminutive fans adorn its surface, and it has only one HDMI port and one DP port for display output. There is no requirement for external power, ensuring the total power consumption of the card does not exceed 75W. It is equipped with a pared-down ACM-G11 chip, with 6 Xe cores, 96 EU clusters, and 4GB of GDDR6 video memory; the memory bus width is confined to 64 bits.