Intel launched the ARC A310 entry-level discrete graphic

So far Intel’s official ARC desktop graphics card is only the A380, and on October 12th, their high-end product, the ARC A770, will also be on sale. But at this time, a graphics card named ARC A310 appeared on Intel’s official website. From the name, it can be seen that its positioning is lower than that of the A380. The A380 is actually not a complete game card. In terms of performance, it can only be said that it is similar to AMD’s RX 6400 and NVIDIA’s GTX 1650. Now there is a lower-performance A310.

The complete specifications of the ARC A310 graphic have been given on Intel’s official website. It has 6 sets of Xe-Core, which is obviously further simplified on the ACM-G11 GPU. The GPU frequency is 2100MHz, which is a little higher than that of the A380, but the video memory is only 4GB.
The detailed specifications of this graphics card can be seen on Intel ARK. It adopts TSMC N6 process, 6 sets of Xe-Core have a total of 6 light tracking units, 96 sets of EU, the TBP of the graphics card is 75W, and the video memory is 64bit/4GB GDDR6, but the frequency of the graphics card shown here is 2000MHz.

Although the graphics card is already in the state of release, it is not known when it will go on sale like the A750 and A580, nor the specific price.