Mozilla established a new startup company called Mozilla.Ai

In an era where more and more artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being applied, Mozilla has announced the establishment of a new startup called “” The goal is to create a trustworthy and independent open-source AI ecosystem through community collaboration, and the company is investing $30 million to develop secure and transparent AI technology.

Just as the launch of products like Firefox was aimed at avoiding the concentration of internet technology in the hands of a single company, Mozilla’s announcement of is also intended to prevent the current AI technology from being monopolized by specific companies.

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At the same time, Mozilla also acknowledges that the development of more AI technologies also brings about more concerns, including uncontrollable generated results, unpredictable situations, and ethical and moral issues. AI may also be more prone to misuse or affect copyright and privacy.

By establishing and investing $30 million in creating trustworthy AI technology, Mozilla expects to help ensure that future AI development is more equitable and that the technology remains fair and non-discriminatory in an open-source and collaborative manner.

Mozilla plans to announce more details about the development of in the coming months. Initially, the company will focus on building secure and transparent generative AI with a human-centric approach to avoid the spread of misinformation.