Motherboard manufacturers have significantly lowered their target shipments in 2022

With the PC market demand weakening and the outlook full of uncertainty, major manufacturers have also begun to lower their industry forecasts for the remainder of 2022. According to DigiTimes, according to industry insiders, major motherboard manufacturers such as Asus and Gigabyte expect sales in 2022 to drop by about a quarter compared to 2021, and have significantly lowered their shipment targets for 2022.

ASRock X670E Taichi

The sharper-than-expected decline in motherboard shipments in the second quarter of 2022 has sent strong warning signs but also foreshadows a decline in shipments in this third quarter, which is likely to extend into the fourth quarter. According to analysis, the supply of graphics cards has become more and more sufficient, making manufacturers unable to continue the original bundled sales strategy, forcing consumers to buy motherboards. During the worst times of graphics card supply shortages, consumers would even buy a whole machine for one graphics card, prompting higher-than-normal sales of other components.

It is understood that ASUS expects motherboard sales to drop by about 24% this year, while Gigabyte expects to drop about 27%. The sales of the entire motherboard market are expected to drop from 40 million in 2021 to 30 million in 2022. In the second half of this year, AMD will launch a new generation of Ryzen 7000 series desktop processors and AM5 platforms, plus Intel’s 13th generation Core desktop processors and 700 series chipsets, but analysts believe that it is difficult to promote the sales of motherboards.

After entering 2022, the shortage of graphics card supply has greatly improved, and after half a year, the balance has basically been restored. Although Nvidia and AMD are about to launch the next generation of GPUs, the inventory of graphics cards is relatively high at this stage, and the PC market tends to be sluggish. It may enter a period of oversupply, and it is difficult for motherboard manufacturers to increase the sales of motherboards through the bundling strategy.