More companies such as Microsoft and Google declare war on NSO

NSO is a notorious surveillance company from Israel, which recruits a large number of technical experts to find security vulnerabilities in Android and iOS.

At the same time, the group will also conduct surveillance by attacking the Facebook-owned instant messaging program WhatsApp, and this company is not the real initiator of the attack because it is a mercenary.

To put it simply, government agencies in some areas will pay to hire NSO to conduct attacks and monitoring. One of the more well-known cases is that NSO used its specially developed hacking tool to infiltrate WhatsApp and then continuously monitor its specific targets.

Tom Burt, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Customer Security and Trust Division, recently released an official blog post stating that NSO is the online mercenary of the 21st century. For this reason, Microsoft has joined forces with Cisco, Google, VMWare, the Internet Association, GitHub, and LinkedIn to combat NSO.

These companies have joined forces to participate in a lawsuit against the NSO by Facebook’s WhatsApp, and Microsoft said it will use its technology to provide any help to the court.

Microsoft said that NSO infected more than 1,400 devices last year to combat celebrities. Microsoft emphasized that the NSO business model is a very dangerous operating model.

Because the group not only violates user privacy but also cannot guarantee that its hacking tools will not be leaked or will not be abused after being purchased by government agencies in certain regions. This may cause extremely serious damage to global security cause.

Via: Reuters