Google and Facebook will team up and jointly respond to antitrust lawsuits

Earlier in the United States, Texas sued Google for colluding with social networking giant Facebook to monopolize the online advertising market. Texas said that Google and Facebook signed a special agreement.

Recently, some of the contents of the agreement have also been exposed. Documents show that the cooperation and mutual assistance agreement signed by Google and Facebook are designed to allow both parties to maintain a tacit understanding in certain advertising markets.

At the same time, Facebook will be given a special policy status on the Google advertising platform, allowing more mobile traffic to tilt to help Facebook promote itself or other applications.

Google is willing to give in because Facebook, a social giant, also has its own advertising platform. In fact, advertising in multiple markets is now monopolized by Google and Facebook.


Texas also sued Facebook for monopolistic behavior. The reason given by Texas was that Google colluded with Facebook to monopolize the online advertising market.

What people did not expect was that the original “collusion” between Google and Facebook suddenly formed an open alliance. The latest news is that Google and Facebook have reached a new agreement.

The main content of the new agreement is that when parties are subject to the privacy and antitrust related investigations, other parties will jointly provide necessary cooperation or assistance.

The agreement is not about the market or other anti-competitive behavior, so it is difficult to say that this is a new violation by Google and Facebook, which is also the main reason for the rapid exposure.

At least Google & Facebook team up to conduct investigation-related cooperation or assistance is not considered a violation of regulations, but whether this may affect antitrust lawsuits filed by regulators is temporarily unknown.

Via: The Wall Street Journal