September 21, 2020

Miracast connect app is no longer installed by default in Windows 10 v2004

1 min read

Miracast Connect is a projection or screen mirroring protocol developed by the WiFi Alliance. In theory, supported software and hardware can call this protocol for screen sharing.

In Windows 10, users can go to the Miracast connect app to use this function, such as mirroring the screen of other computers or Android devices to the computer.

However, currently, Microsoft has removed this feature in Windows 10 v2004 by default, perhaps because the number of users is too low, Microsoft feels no need to invest in it.

new Start Menu Windows 10

Microsoft has recently moved MiracastConnect to an optional feature, that is, the application is no longer installed by default and no longer supports screen projection using this protocol.

Of course, this does not mean that the user will no longer be able to use the function. When the user needs it, he can directly search for the application in the optional functions and install it manually.

After manual installation, you can also continue to use this protocol for screen projection or sharing, of course, the premise is that your software and hardware need to support this sharing protocol. To install the app, click on Settings > Apps > Optional features > Add a feature and then install the Wireless Display app.