Millions of computers running the Windows 7 operating system

In January 2020, Microsoft officially ended its security support for the Windows 7 version, which means that the operating system released in 2009 has ended its life cycle.

Of course, ending the life cycle does not mean that the system can no longer be used. In fact, there are still millions of computers still using the system.

There may be many reasons why people did not choose to upgrade to a supported operating system, but most users may think that Windows 7 is good and there is no need to upgrade.

However, operating systems that have ended their life cycle cannot obtain security updates, which means that even users who find security vulnerabilities cannot obtain patches for repairs, etc.

Statistics provided by StatCounter show that the current share of Windows 7 in the entire Microsoft Windows system is still 18.03%.

The share of Windows 10 system has reached 75.68%, and the market share of Windows 7 continues to decline, but overall it is not very fast.

When Microsoft stopped supporting the system in January 2020, its market share was 24.9%. Today, one year later, the system’s share has dropped by about 7%.

It is expected that by this time next year, the share of Windows 7 will continue to decline sharply, but there will still be users who continue to use this operating system anyway.