Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Microsoft will turn off cloud synchronization for Windows 10 photo app

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Photo and video applications provided by Microsoft in Windows 10 actually have an editor for editing pictures or editing video content. In the photo app, when editing images, it also supports automatic saving to the cloud. This feature will upload changes to OneDrive by default. However, it is unclear whether the usage is too low or Microsoft feels that there is no need to continue maintenance, so the company decided to abandon this function early next year.

Using the photo app to crop the image and other operations will not be automatically saved, and the ability to automatically save multiple photo-composite videos provided by Microsoft. By default, if a user logs in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account, the OneDrive storage is activated, so the video can also be saved automatically. As for the discarding, it will start from January 10 next year, when the various video content generated by the user will no longer be automatically uploaded to the account associated with the user for saving. Microsoft strongly recommends that users turn off the automatic synchronization feature now to prevent users from losing video created by the server when it stops supporting.

It should be noted that the content that has been uploaded to the cloud should also be backed up because Microsoft will clean up the metadata of the uploaded video. These metadata mainly include various types of data such as video attributes, tags, organization, text, background music information, and video clip order.

Via: windowslatest