Microsoft will shut down the Xbox 360 Store on July 29, 2024

Recently, Microsoft heralded the forthcoming cessation of the Xbox 360 online game store, slated for July 29th, 2024. This signifies that post this date, aficionados will no longer be able to procure games, DLCs, or other entertainment content from the Xbox 360 marketplace. Nonetheless, all Xbox 360 games and DLCs that are backward compatible with Xbox One or the X/S series remain available for purchase within the Xbox One or Xbox Series storefronts.

Microsoft emphasized that while the Xbox 360 marketplace will be sunsetted, enthusiasts can still revel in their previously acquired Xbox 360 games and DLCs. Players can also persist in their online gaming pursuits, provided the online servers for these titles remain operational, and can conveniently store their game progress in the cloud. Microsoft noted that a myriad of Xbox 360 titles are backward compatible, with a substantial number of them receiving enhancements on the Xbox Series X/S consoles, boasting elevated frame rates, auto-HDR, and expedited loading times, among other features.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Movies & TV App will also cease its operation on the Xbox 360 console on the aforesaid date, rendering it inoperative for viewing television series and films. However, all content procured from the Xbox 360 store will be retained, ensuring continuity in viewership on Windows 10 and 11 devices, as well as the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Having graced the gaming world for a commendable 18 years, and with a lapse of five years since its last game release, maintaining the Xbox 360 online game store seemingly holds diminished commercial allure for Microsoft. Nevertheless, the termination of the Xbox 360 marketplace invariably denotes the disappearance of certain digital-only Xbox 360 titles that aren’t backward compatible.