September 23, 2020

Microsoft will release Windows 10 version 2004 on May 12

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Windows 10 version 2004 is currently being released in the Release Preview channel for final testing. If there are no surprises, Microsoft will officially release it early next month.

The timetable obtained by ZDNet now shows that Microsoft will officially release the version on May 12th, the cumulative update date next month.

Mary Jo Foley, a well-known editor of ZDNET, has obtained information from Microsoft insiders. Mary’s previous news was highly accurate, so the news was trustworthy.

Mary got the news that Microsoft will release the Windows 10 v2004 RTM version image on April 28, and provide OEM image files to manufacturers.


The nominal image file is mainly for OEM partners to test and pre-install, and at the same time for developers and enterprise IT administrators to test the final official version.

However, ordinary users can naturally download the image file for upgrade directly, so users do not need to wait for Microsoft to actively push after May 12.

At that time, Microsoft will release new cumulative updates on the regular update day and start pushing new versions to users. Of course, Microsoft’s push work is carried out in batches.

Therefore, there may be fewer users who have received the new version in the initial stage. By convention, Microsoft will collect user operation logs while pushing to troubleshoot various problems in this version.