Microsoft will release Windows 10 21H2 without new features in the fall

After the Sun Valley project was migrated to Windows 11, Microsoft promised to still release new feature updates for Windows 10 in the fall as previously planned.

Therefore, if users cannot upgrade to Windows 11, they can continue to get Windows 10 updates. Of course, it needs to be emphasized that this update is a minor update.

The so-called minor update refers to the version that does not have many new features, and the 21H2 in the fall is the minor update consumer version with almost no new features.

The reason is that the key features that should have arrived in the fall update have been moved to Windows 11. Microsoft will only release some updates for the enterprise version in the fall.

Image: Microsoft

According to the Microsoft instructions, the minor updates released in the fall will continue to provide various security updates, and at the same time, some existing functions will be improved to make it more convenient for enterprises to use.

The main improvements are the mixed job printing of common programs, enhanced management and deployment functions, such as the use of Windows Autopilot for automation.

In addition to the above changes, the autumn update has no other new features, and this new feature is still aimed at enterprises. For consumers, this type of update itself is not worthy of attention.

In fact, Windows 10 2004 has become the last feature update of Windows 10, because both 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2 are minor updates.

We know that the usual Windows 10 feature update support cycle is 18 months, and the upcoming Windows 10 21H2 version will have a longer support cycle. Because this will be the last update of Windows 10 until the end of support in 2025.

For users, when the time comes, either replace the hardware to purchase a device that supports Windows 11, or change to another operating system such as Linux to obtain support.

Of course, another option is to continue to use the Windows 10 system that stopped updating, but the system may no longer be safe without security support and no updates.