Microsoft will make a major upgrade to Windows 10 through the Sun Valley Update

Microsoft will make a major upgrade to Windows 10 through the Sun Valley Update

Microsoft CEO Nadella has previously revealed that it will reinvest in Windows 10. Microsoft has also revealed a new project called Sun Valley.

The Sun Valley project aims to make a major upgrade to Windows 10 through visual transformation, mainly covering multiple contents such as the start menu and the front-end user interface.

The project is expected to arrive in the Windows 10 21H2 version this fall, but Microsoft has not disclosed too many details about the Sun Valley project.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft confirmed this information in the latest recruitment information, and Microsoft said it will be committed to bringing a comprehensive visual renaissance to the Windows experience.

Microsoft had released recruitment information last fall, and the position was for senior software engineer, requiring at least five years of C/C++ experience.

This recruitment information actually focuses more on the Microsoft Surface series of products, but Microsoft also mentions the design experience of the system user interface.

Microsoft stated that engineers will participate in key platforms, Surface, and OEMs to work together to provide a comprehensive visual renaissance of the Windows experience.

Microsoft said that the company hopes to use the project to show customers that Windows has returned and to ensure that Windows is considered the best operating system experience.

The company said it is recruiting collaborative engineers to participate in the new API, interact with the hardware team to build applications, and help Microsoft achieve its revival.

The visual improvements brought about by the Sun Valley project are currently being tested in the Windows 10 beta. Of course, as you know, the current Microsoft tests are relatively small.

It coincides with the Christmas holidays, so most Microsoft engineers are on holiday, so more Sun Valley project content will gradually come in the next time.

Via: windowslatest