Microsoft will continue to release the new version of Windows 10 Mobile


Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile will not always get new features or support new hardware, but nevertheless, the company did not give up the Windows 10 Mobile.

Therefore, even after the fall creator updates were released, the company will continue to launch a new version of Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft ‘s Brandon LeBlanc confirmed on Twitter earlier this month: “We plan to release the new version of Windows 10 Mobile. We will continue to support the platform, fix bugs, make security updates, etc. However, building new features and hardware is not the focus.”

In other words, Microsoft will continue to provide a new version of the Windows 10 Mobile beta program, but in addition to bug fixes and improvements, they will not bring any exciting things, there will not be a lot of new features , They will focus on business users, which makes Windows 10 Mobile less consumer choice.

At the same time, it is speculated that Microsoft is developing a new mobile device, although this will not be a smartphone, more similar to the original Courier project digital journey. Before the outside world believe that Microsoft is developing a function and appearance in the surface of the reform of the Surface Phone, but with the importance of Windows 10 Mobile greatly reduced, the future of mobile devices seems to be completely around the development of Windows 10 the on ARM.


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