Microsoft will bring Settings UI options to Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is a terminal connection tool previously launched by Microsoft. With this tool, we can easily process CMD, SSH, and PS task commands.

Microsoft’s goal is to make this terminal tool a good helper for developers, which can support and connect multiple protocols at the same time without requiring developers to switch to other similar tools.

For now, the reputation of this terminal tool is still very good, but the tool is mainly command line settings, which is not too friendly for novice users.

So Microsoft is going to provide Settings UI options for the Windows Terminal tool in the next major update so that novices can also personalize the configuration of the tool through graphics.

For example, Visual Studio Code and Windows Terminal are modified through configuration files, which is not a problem for skilled developers.

However, it is difficult for novices to modify configuration files such as JSON, including some places that cannot be understood or how to modify parameters.

Therefore, users have long called on Microsoft to provide a graphical interface for the tool to facilitate developers to get started. This call finally got the attention and response of the Microsoft project team.

The Microsoft project manager recently stated on his Twitter that the next preview version of Windows Terminal will bring a GUI interface, and the official version will be released after the test is completed.

The overall style of the graphical interface is similar to that of Windows 10 and PowerToys. On the left, you can see that each option can be clicked to make targeted modifications.

Via: Neowin