December 5, 2020

Microsoft Windows Terminal Preview v1.5.3242.0 Releases

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Microsoft has now announced a new command-line tool called Windows Terminal that provides access to a central location in a variety of environments. For example, you can directly access PowerShell, CMD.EXE, Windows Linux subsystem, etc. Developers can use this tool to simplify their work. Windows Terminal source code is available on Github.

This new tool supports multiple tabs to connect to multiple environments or servers at the same time and allows developers to customize the theme of the tool for optimal visuals. The Windows Terminal even supports Emoji emoticons and GPU-based text rendering, which can be used to simply view content and more.

Microsoft said the tool is expected to be available to system administrators and developers next month, and that Insider Preview versions may be released in advance for public testing. Of course, Microsoft is now focusing on improving the Windows 10 developer environment, so that more developers no longer rely on Linux or macOS systems.

Microsoft Windows Terminal Preview v1.5.3242.0 releases.


This is a quick servicing release to address a couple annoying issues in the 1.5 preview release.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • We reverted the tab switcher to in-order, but visible, by default, because we changed your defaults on you so that tab switching was both enabled and in most-recently-used order. I’m sorry about that. (#8326)
    • To turn the switcher back to MRU order, add the global setting "tabSwitcherMode": "mru".
  • We’d previously said the default value for backgroundImageStretch was uniformToFill, but it was actually fill. We’ve updated the code to make it uniformToFill. (#8280)
  • The tab switcher used to occasionally eat custom key bindings and break, but @Don-Vito came through and helped it not do that. Thanks! (#8250)
  • We accidentally left pane animations enabled sometimes, so we’ve gone and let you disable them for real (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#8237)
  • Our schema document was super busted because of a stray comma, but @slopra came through and fixed it. Thanks! (#8257)
  • The [x] button and mouse-based text selection were horked in the command palette. Now they are not. (thanks @bhaskarshankarling!) (#8279)