Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Microsoft Windows Terminal Preview v0.9.433.0 Releases

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Microsoft has now announced a new command-line tool called Windows Terminal that provides access to a central location in a variety of environments. For example, you can directly access PowerShell, CMD.EXE, Windows Linux subsystem, etc. Developers can use this tool to simplify their work. Windows Terminal source code is available on Github.

This new tool supports multiple tabs to connect to multiple environments or servers at the same time and allows developers to customize the theme of the tool for optimal visuals. The Windows Terminal even supports Emoji emoticons and GPU-based text rendering, which can be used to simply view content and more.

Microsoft said the tool is expected to be available to system administrators and developers next month, and that Insider Preview versions may be released in advance for public testing. Of course, Microsoft is now focusing on improving the Windows 10 developer environment, so that more developers no longer rely on Linux or macOS systems.

Changelog Preview v0.9.433.0


  • wt, our app execution alias, now supports commandline arguments! (#4023) (#4388)
    • The design is heavily inspired by that of the venerable and beloved GNU screen competitor, tmux
    • You can wt new-tabwt split-panewt new-tab -p Debian ; split-pane -p PowerShell until your heart’s content.
    • You can also wt -- ssh my@bastion.server!
    • You can also do a lot more than that.
  • If you’re the sort of person who likes PowerShell, Terminal will now go to even greater lengths to find it on your system. (#4273)
    • If you have so many PowerShells Core that your menu is inundated with them, now might be the time for quiet reflection.
  • There’s a new global setting, confirmCloseAllTabs (boolean, default true), that controls whether you get that pesky “Close All Tabs ??!?” dialog (#4101)
  • You can now drag files onto the terminal and it’ll do a close first approximation of what you’re expecting! (#4323)
    • If the first approximation is too rough, and you wished it was closer, and the way in which you wish it was closer was “if only it worked with WSL”, and you file a bug about that: know that it is known.
  • Accessibility: You can now navigate word-by-word using narrator and NVDA! (#4018)
    • miscellaneous other a11y changes (#4373) (#4449)


  • Shift+Ins and Ctrl+Ins are now bound by default to paste and copy (#4467)
  • You can now hold down Shift and click to extend your selection (#4404)
  • You can now use the same key names for bindings that you use in VS Code (#4392)
  • The pseudoconsole will now process mouse escapes, but it won’t do much useful with them yet (#3963)
  • BELBSTAB and CR are now dispatched at a different layer in both conhost and terminal; this should cause no ill effect (#4171)
    • Because of that, conhost’s standard streaming text printer no longer needs to know about them! (#4289)
  • When you click and drag in an unfocused terminal window or pane, we should do the thing you’re hopefully expecting with your selection (#4506)
  • Dev builds now have a slightly different icon (#4553)
  • VT support changes! We now support…
    • DECAWM (if you want to turn on or off auto-wrap mode as a VT application) (#3943)
    • DECSCNM (if you want the screen to be reversed) (#3817)
    • HPR and VPR (cursor movement sequences that ignore margins) (#4297)
    • CNL and CPL that are properly constrained by margins (#3628)
    • FFVTNEL and IND (for when you need multiple ways to do a line feed) (#3271)

Bug Fixes

  • Terminal should no longer taste clay when you provide a background image or icon path that is totally bogus (#4194)
  • A persistent crash on shutdown has been replaced with a different crash on shutdown (#4337)
  • Our various popup dialogs now have rounded and colored buttons (#4401)
  • The search box now works properly in high contrast (#4406)
  • When an application thinks that the cursor is invisible, we’ll still properly update its position (#4372)
  • A deadlock caused by misunderstanding half of a surrogate pair has been repaired (#4150)
  • Terminal should no longer crash if it’s launched with Narrator running (#4505)
  • When an application printf CSI 3 J to clear the scrollback buffer, we will now respect that (#4433)
    • This doesn’t extend to PowerShell or CMD just yet. They clear the screen in a different way.
  • The console host will no longer crash when you use FillOutputCharacterA with a character that’s not representable in your current codepage (#4309)
  • We’ve fixed the cause of an issue where the scrollbar would not work after you resized the terminal (#3344)
  • Pressing backspace, where it would bring you back up to the previous line, should now put the cursor in the right place (#4403)
  • Bounding rectangles for text ranges, as displayed by Narrator and Accessibility Insights, will not be in the right place on non-100%-scale displays (#4497)
  • Terminal should no longer crash when closing the window (#4538), and it should crash less when closing a bunch of tabs very quickly (#4559)