Microsoft will bring a modern font picker to Word

As a must-have for office users, Microsoft Word already supports the use of font embedding in typesetting, that is, users can choose to embed some unusual fonts into the document so that other visitors can also view this type of font. For example, after the document author uses a very common font to embed, it can be displayed even if the font is not available in the visitor’s system, and it will not be reset to the default font.

Microsoft Word modern font picker

According to the news released by the Microsoft 365 team, Microsoft is preparing to develop a new modern font picker for Word. In addition to embedding fonts, it also supports embedding and saving various typographic styles of unusual fonts, including but not limited to bold, italic, or other more interesting font styles. Microsoft said that the modern font picker is a completely reimagined experience for Office.

Unfortunately, this feature only supports the Web version of Word, that is, the Word Online version. There is no support plan for the desktop client version or the mobile version.