November 26, 2020

Microsoft will automatically reduce the elevated permission function of Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft has always opposed users to directly use administrator-level authority accounts, because using such authority accounts may cause damage if used by malicious software.

On the software side, unless necessary, Microsoft also opposes running with administrator permissions. For example, Microsoft Edge will recognize permissions and issue prompts before.

It’s just that the prompts that Microsoft added to the browser made many users irritable. After a large number of users complained, Microsoft completely deleted this prompt in subsequent updates.

However, Microsoft still hopes that users will not run the browser with administrator rights, so Microsoft is preparing to deploy new measures to automatically reduce the launch rights of the browser.

Microsoft said that based on security considerations, new measures will be deployed in the future, these measures can automatically reduce the use of Google and Microsoft Edge browser permissions.

Chromium Microsoft Edge ARM64

For example, when a user accidentally launches these browsers with administrator rights, the system will automatically restart the resource manager and restart the browser process with normal rights.

Theoretically speaking, after deploying this measure, the browser can no longer run with administrator rights, because as long as the system detects the administrator rights, it will automatically demote it.

In some respects, this can indeed improve security. After all, the user may visit malicious websites or download malicious files via the browser, and the running browser with an admin account is unsafe.

After being restricted to ordinary permissions, it will be more difficult for an attacker to use the browser’s privilege to run malicious code or software, so the security of the browser can be significantly improved.

Via: windowslatest