Microsoft will add custom background for Teams soon

At the Build 2019 conference, Microsoft announced a new feature of Microsoft Teams for video calls. This feature uses artificial intelligence to replace your background during video calls with the background image of your custom settings in real-time.

Since then, Microsoft seems to have forgotten this feature and has not pushed it to users. At present, users can only use the “background blur” function during video calls.

Today, in a Microsoft Teams User Voice page, when responding to users’ questions about when to load the picture as a background instead of a blur background in Teams video chat, Microsoft Team said that they are still developing this feature, which means they have not cut it off.

Alex from the Microsoft Teams engineering team said that they will officially release the feature in the next three months and will share more information about this feature in the near future.

Alex said that “Thanks for your feedback – the increase in votes recently has been noticed. We are working on this feature and are hoping to release within a quarter. We’ll share more updates as we get closer to the release.” But fortunately, this user’s feedback has been supported by many users (currently there are 748 votes), otherwise, I am afraid that the Microsoft Teams team will not care about this user’s opinions.

Via: mspoweruser