Microsoft unveiled Surface Laptop Go 3 and Surface Laptop Studio 2

At the distinguished New York presentation, Microsoft not only heralded the integration of the Copilot AI assistant into Windows 11 but also unveiled the Surface Laptop Go 3 and Surface Laptop Studio 2. Moreover, in a nod to corporate clientele, they introduced the Surface Go 4 for Business and Surface Hub 3.

The Surface Laptop Go 3 boasts a 12.4-inch PixelSense touchscreen display with a 3:2 aspect ratio, weighing in at a mere 1.13 kilograms. Powered by Intel’s 12th generation Core i5 processor, it offers up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, marking an impressive 88% computational performance boost from its predecessor. The elegant chassis is available in shades of blue, pink, green, and grey, and now incorporates a fingerprint scanner. In terms of connectivity, it retains a singular USB-A port, a data-transferring and power-supplying USB-C port, and the customary Surface Connect charging port. The device’s interface remains largely unchanged and operates on Windows 11, which is compatible with the Copilot service. The battery life is commendably estimated at around 15 hours. This technological marvel will retail starting at $799.99, with its official release slated for October 3rd.

Concurrently revealed, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 features a 14.4-inch display supporting a 120Hz refresh rate. Maintaining the usability paradigm of its antecedent, it is driven by Intel’s 13th generation Core i7 H-series processor and offers an option between NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 or RTX 4060 graphic cards. Memory peaks at a formidable 64GB, with storage capacity stretching up to 2TB. The battery longevity approximates an impressive 18 hours. In a nod to burgeoning AI application demands, Microsoft has endowed the Surface Laptop Studio 2 with an NPU design, ensuring expedited AI processing efficiency. Additionally, it houses a singular USB-A port, dual USB-C ports, and a built-in micro SD card slot. This piece of artistry will be available at a price tag of $1999.99, with its launch also marked for October 3rd.

In catering to business-specific requirements, Microsoft offers the Surface Go 4 for Business and the Surface Hub 3, available in both 50-inch and 85-inch models. The 50-inch variant uniquely boasts a 90-degree rotatable screen design, enabling users a myriad of utilization methods. Both models will also integrate the Copilot AI service.

Orders for the Surface Go 4 for Business are expected to commence this autumn for businesses and organizations, while the Surface Hub 3 will also open for pre-orders, with actual delivery anticipated later in the year.