Microsoft applies Copilot to more Windows 11 features

During a recent event in New York, Microsoft confirmed the integration of its Copilot artificial intelligence assistant into Windows 11, anticipated to launch alongside a major update on September 26th.

This AI assistant, Copilot, is evidently poised to supplant the erstwhile Cortana in Windows operating systems. It aims to aid users in harnessing a wider array of Windows features. For instance, when a user copies the content of an email, Copilot may inquire if further actions are required, or if the content should be distilled into key points.

Furthermore, by leveraging the vast natural language model of OpenAI’s GPT-4 behind Copilot, it also introduces visual analysis capabilities. If a user asks Copilot about upcoming business travel dates, the AI can retrieve flight information from either a laptop or a phone connected to said laptop. Additionally, if one inquires about notable events in that destination during their stay, Copilot can curate content tailored to the user’s interests.

Moreover, Microsoft has integrated Copilot into online shopping scenarios, allowing users to interact vocally with it. For example, users can describe their shoe preferences, sizes, and clothing styles, or even directly upload images for comparison. Copilot can then search the web for suitable products and automatically price compare, ensuring users attain the best possible deal.

Regarding its application in Microsoft services, Copilot will be embedded into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams. Catering to corporate clientele, the Microsoft 365 Copilot will be accessible this November, ready to assist in organizing messages from colleagues, drafting correspondence, or scheduling meetings among various teams.

Updates are also slated for Microsoft Edge and Bing Search services, which have previously incorporated Copilot functionality. These enhancements are aimed at improving user efficiency through AI.

In another notable development, Outlook’s email service will feature a “Sound like me” function, enabling the AI to draft emails mirroring the user’s personal tone. Moreover, the Paint application will introduce an automated AI feature called “Cocreator”, which generates visual content based on user interactions.

While these updates will be made available progressively, the initial release might predominantly support an English interface.