Microsoft showed the Chromium Edge browser for macOS demo

Microsoft released a Chromium Microsoft Edge beta last month. Windows 10 users can test new browsers for the first time, but Mac users have been waiting for more details on when they can use Edge on macOS. Although Microsoft has not announced any final release date, the company has begun to showcase this new browser.

At the company’s Build 2019 Developer Conference, Microsoft announced new features for Edge for Windows and made it clear that it is considering the upcoming version of macOS. We know that this version will be available soon, and Mac users can download & install the Canary and Dev versions of Edge-like Windows.

So far, Chromium Microsoft Edge browser has achieved good performance improvements and reliability on Windows. It’s unclear whether we’ll see similar improvements in Chrome compared to Chrome, but at least it offers Mac users another option to use the Chromium kernel browser, especially with some Microsoft services and synchronization features.

Via: macrumors