Microsoft resumed participating in the Gamescom 2023 video game show

Microsoft has confirmed its participation in Gamescom 2023, a video game convention slated to occur in Cologne, Germany from August 23 to 27, emphasizing that this year will be ‘exceptional’.

The accentuation on this year being ‘exceptional’ leaves room for speculation; it might be an allusion to their anticipated successful acquisition of Activision Blizzard, or it might suggest the unveiling of a more considerable lineup of new Xbox games this year. Alternatively, they might even seize the opportunity to announce new hardware developments ahead of Sony.

Nonetheless, Microsoft has yet to disclose detailed information about their planned exhibition or the unveiling of new game announcements. This appearance will mark Microsoft’s first physical return to Gamescom since the pandemic.

In addition to revealing Microsoft’s first-party game titles, new announcements from Bethesda are also expected at the event. Whether new Activision Blizzard game announcements will be synchronously revealed seems contingent on the outcome of Microsoft’s lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission.

Beyond the duration of Gamescom 2023, Microsoft plans to disclose new game announcements at the Gamescom Opening Night Live pre-show event on August 22.