Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

Microsoft releases Windows 10X Emulator Image

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Windows 10X is a new version that many users are looking forward to because this version makes a lot of adjustments to the interface to accommodate foldable devices.

For users who like new things, this new interface is very good, especially the adjusted start menu and operation center on the right.

The bad news is that the release time of this version is too long because Microsoft is still in development. According to previous rumors, if it goes well, Microsoft will launch an official version at the end of the year.

The good news is that ordinary computers can also install this version, and the better news is that if you are interested, you can download Windows 10X Emulator Image.

Windows 10X Start menu

Microsoft has launched a dedicated emulator for Windows 10X for developers, which includes emulators and new versions of emulator images.

The reason for preparing the simulator is that it is convenient for developers to start debugging their applications now, so that the applications can be switched and used on foldable devices, etc.

Ordinary users can use this simulator to experience Windows 10X directly, including viewing its overall interface, application support, and general operation menus.

However, running this version through the simulator requires a very high hardware configuration, so if your computer configuration is low, you can’t experience it directly.