September 20, 2020

Google Chrome may soon support Pixel Live Caption

1 min read

Live Caption is a new feature developed by Google for the Google Pixel series of devices. This feature uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically generate real-time subtitles. For those subtitles that are not equipped with subtitle files or in other languages, Google can generate new subtitles or translate them.

What’s interesting is that Google seems to be bringing this feature to Google Chrome, which will allow Google Chrome users to have a better subtitle experience when watching videos.

Chromeunboxed found that Google engineers are currently modifying the source code of the Chromium project, and the source code contains new code submissions related to Android real-time subtitles.

This indicates that Google may be bringing real-time subtitles to Google Chrome, or at least Google is bringing real-time subtitles support to the ChromeOS system.

Of course, this feature is currently limited to the source code submission stage and will definitely not be available for a short time. Google has not disclosed any information about this report.

So it’s unclear what support this feature will have in Google Chrome, but theoretically, it should be the same as on Pixel devices.

Via: SlashGear