Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Microsoft released out-of-band Window 10 update to fix printer bug

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The routine cumulative update released by Microsoft this month seems to have a major bug. After installing the update, it may affect the connection of multiple brands of printers or performance issues.

Microsoft acknowledged this issue in the support announcement released yesterday, and Microsoft confirmed that all versions from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 are affected.


In view of the fact that this problem affects many companies, Microsoft urgently released the out-of-band update to fix the faults in the printer.

The batch of out-of-band updates currently released should be of a testing nature and is only available for Windows 10 1803 – 1909.


The above out-of-band updates should be tested for relatively new versions. After testing, Microsoft should soon release out-of-band updates for other versions.