Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Microsoft redesigned Office icons in a more modern style

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Microsoft updated the various icons of the Microsoft Office family of software in 2013, and at the time these icons were so novel that they also attracted a lot of attention.

More than one billion people from different industries and different regions and even different generations are now using the Microsoft Office suite of office software suites.

The current Microsoft Office suite can also run smoothly on different devices, helping users to use office software more easily in more environments.

In view of this, Microsoft is redesigning icons to allow icons to reflect the changes in office software over the years, and today Microsoft’s design team shares these icons.


Originally, Microsoft designed these icons with a strong emphasis on colours, so these newly designed icons also incorporate the rich creativity of different colours.

The latest design uses cascading to highlight the latest changes in the Microsoft Office suite, with each application having a unique, recognizable icon.

Microsoft said that four generations of the company are now working across multiple platforms, including work and home computers and smartphones.

To this end, the design team must keep older users more familiar with the applications, and also emphasize the current creativity of the office software suite.

To this end, the icons are layered using different colours for combination with 3D visual effects, and the people-oriented design emphasizes the content’s response to modern life.

This newly designed icon will also be first enabled in the Office 365 subscription, but there is no clear timeline for when it will go live.

Via: theverge