Microsoft may seek help from the Blackstone Group to help it buy TikTok

According to Fox News, Microsoft may seek help from the Blackstone Group to help it buy TikTok. The Blackstone Group is one of the most famous private equity funds in the world, and potential buyers who want to participate in Microsoft’s acquisition of the TikTok short video application have also contacted Microsoft.

These buyers hope to form a consortium to jointly acquire the TikTok business with Microsoft, but for now, it is difficult to complete the transaction in a short period of time.

The report said that the Blackstone Group was still very interested in the transaction at first, but as Trump put more pressure on Bytedance and Microsoft, investors began to retreat.

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For Microsoft, although the acquisition of the application can indeed expand consumer business, Microsoft itself understands that it may face more scrutiny by regulatory agencies after the acquisition.

The introduction of the Blackstone Group can reduce capital expenditures and share the corresponding risks for Microsoft, and the Blackstone Group is also worried about the regulatory risks brought about by a successful acquisition.

Even Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that this transaction will make Microsoft face more regulatory requirements, so how to complete the transaction is still under discussion.

It is rumored that Twitter is also interested in TikTok, but the market value of Twitter is only 29 billion US dollars. If you want to merge, Twitter will have to spend more money.