Microsoft has quietly removed the Windows 10 device manager

In the latest update released by Microsoft, Windows 10 version 2004 (Build 19041.423), Microsoft has quietly disabled the option to update drivers in Device Manager over the internet.

In the previous version, the driver can be searched either locally or online. As for why Microsoft quietly removed this feature, it is temporarily unclear.

When you select a piece of hardware in the device manager and click to update the driver, it turns out that it automatically searches for the driver and automatically searches for the local driver and the network search for drivers.

In the new version, Microsoft will delete the network search driver, and now the only remaining options are to automatically search for the driver locally or manually browse the local driver by the user.

Of course, this does not mean that users can no longer search for drivers from the Internet because Windows 10 itself can obtain drivers through the system update module.

Therefore, Microsoft may delete the network driver function of the device manager because it wants users to install it through the system update module, but the deletion should be said in advance.

Windows 10 system updates will receive driver updates by default, so for most users, whether or not to remove it will not have much impact.

However, if the user has previously turned off the driver update through Group Policy, it may be necessary to manually download and install the driver again, otherwise, the hardware will work abnormally.

But if you have installed the necessary drivers and only consider stability, continue to close it to prevent pushing the new version of the driver from causing other problems.

Via: windowslatest