Microsoft may make its equipment easier for users to repair

According to Grist, under multiple pressures from shareholders and environmental non-profit organizations, Microsoft agreed to start studying and promoting the feasibility of independent maintenance of their equipment.

I believe that users who have Microsoft Surface series notebook computers and Xboxes should know that it is often troublesome if they need to install or remove components such as SSDs on these devices by themselves. Because these devices themselves are not designed to allow users to disassemble themselves, some users may damage the machine when disassembling and assembling and will invalidate the warranty.

Microsoft Surface event

However, in the future, this situation may decrease because Microsoft recently reached an agreement with a non-profit investor advocacy organization called As You Sow that focuses on advocating environmental protection. This organization will work with third-party organizations to study the design of equipment that is easy to maintain, develop easy-to-maintain designs, and disclose some of the documents and repair documents to consumers and users on the impact of these points on the environment and society. In a related statement, Microsoft stated that it will begin operations at the end of 2022.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Tom’s Hardware that Microsoft has always focused on meeting consumer demand for high-end equipment, including the repairability of the equipment.

It is worth mentioning that at present, more than half of the states in the United States are preparing related bills on user maintenance rights. Once approved, consumers and users will have greater autonomy in repairing their equipment, and manufacturers will also need to disclose many manuals, spare parts, or related tools to allow users to repair the equipment by themselves.