Microsoft may launch Windows 10 21H1 Insider Preview Build 2014 1.1000 next week

Earlier we mentioned that Microsoft is about to start testing Windows 10 Version 2103/21H1 version, the official version of this version will be released next spring.

At the Microsoft Developer Conference, the company accidentally leaked the test schedule of the new version. According to the previous leaks, Microsoft hopes to start testing the new version this month.

Actually, in May, Microsoft engineers have compiled Windows 10 Build 20133 version, but this version is an internal engineering version and will not be released for the time being.

The latest news obtained by Aggiornamenti Lumia is that Microsoft engineers have compiled a new version, the specific version number is Windows 10 Build 20141.1000 version.

From the screenshot, it can be seen that the beta version will include both the Windows 10 and the Windows 10X version. The target labels of different versions are different.

For example, Windows 10 is marked as Windows.Desktop, while Windows 10X is marked as Windows.Core (WCOS)

The media guesses that Microsoft may launch this version to users for early testing next week, which is the early version of Windows 10 Version 2103.