Microsoft Loop has launched its public beta

Microsoft announced today that Microsoft Loop has launched its public beta. This software is Microsoft’s newly released co-creation and collaboration application and a new addition to the Microsoft 365 productivity suite.

Although Microsoft did not use vocabulary such as knowledge management in their promotion, users of Notion will see upon inspection that this is simply Microsoft’s version of Notion. It cannot be said that there are no differences, but only that they are identical.

However, within the Microsoft ecosystem, Microsoft Loop is naturally more convenient than Notion, with the ability to synchronize to-do lists, collaborate, retrieve data from Outlook mailboxes, initiate Teams sessions, and more.

For Notion, Microsoft Loop is a powerful competitor. Even though Notion already has its own ecosystem, it may be difficult to compete with giants like Microsoft.

Recently, Notion has also introduced AI functionality and Microsoft Loop will also integrate with GPT. However, Microsoft Loop is currently only available on the web and does not support databases, and the iOS and Android versions will also be available to businesses today and consumers soon. At least for now, Microsoft Loop is still relatively basic.